Lie to Me

This was the first ever drama I watched. It was so amazing and I got so hooked that I continued watching Kdramas ever since then. If I’m not mistaken that was in 2012. The actress is amazing and I will be mentioning other dramas she is also the lead actress and that are also super worth watching.

On this drama Lie to Me, the girl is a city house worker and she works with tourism and she somehow gets entangled with a rich big shot hotelier, she ends up making up a huge lie that he is her fiance and that’s how things get started. He takes benefit of the misunderstanding and they end up pretending to be a couple for each of their benefits, and there is a love triangle there with a younger boy who is the hotelier’s brother.

All the actors are very good and the story is very funny, emotional and worth watching! HAVE FUN!