Still Loving you / The Shining Eun Soo

One drama that I really wanted to talk about is Still Loving You, which aired last year (2016-2017). Still loving you was a daily drama with 125 episodes of 30 minutes each. The drama revolved around two girls Kim Bit Na and Oh Eun Soo.

If you are as addicted to K-dramas as I am, you will want to have a drama with a lot more episodes than 20-ish ones, but some daily dramas are just dragging and the story ends up getting a bit ridiculous and losing the start point altogether.

That is not the case of Still Loving You. It all starts when Kim Bit Na humiliates Eun Soo’s mother at a department store. After that fight, she just keeps getting entangled to OH Eun Soo for life!

Throughout the first episodes it becomes very clear that Kim Bit Na cannot stand Eun Soo for she has everything she ever wished for: a loving mother, a bright personality and good values.

Their relationship starts when they end up as Teacher ( Eun Soo) and student ( Bit Na) and ofc Bit Na makes Eun Soo’s life harder until she can destroy Eun Soo.

From that point on Bit Na will try everything she can to ruin Eun Soo’ s life but fate gets them together again and again.

But aside from that, which is already super interesting, we get some lovey dovey romance and super heartwarming scenes with the families and their grudges-healing too!

If you have plenty of time give this drama a Go!


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