Still Loving you / The Shining Eun Soo

One drama that I really wanted to talk about is Still Loving You, which aired last year (2016-2017). Still loving you was a daily drama with 125 episodes of 30 minutes each. The drama revolved around two girls Kim Bit Na and Oh Eun Soo.

If you are as addicted to K-dramas as I am, you will want to have a drama with a lot more episodes than 20-ish ones, but some daily dramas are just dragging and the story ends up getting a bit ridiculous and losing the start point altogether.

That is not the case of Still Loving You. It all starts when Kim Bit Na humiliates Eun Soo’s mother at a department store. After that fight, she just keeps getting entangled to OH Eun Soo for life!

Throughout the first episodes it becomes very clear that Kim Bit Na cannot stand Eun Soo for she has everything she ever wished for: a loving mother, a bright personality and good values.

Their relationship starts when they end up as Teacher ( Eun Soo) and student ( Bit Na) and ofc Bit Na makes Eun Soo’s life harder until she can destroy Eun Soo.

From that point on Bit Na will try everything she can to ruin Eun Soo’ s life but fate gets them together again and again.

But aside from that, which is already super interesting, we get some lovey dovey romance and super heartwarming scenes with the families and their grudges-healing too!

If you have plenty of time give this drama a Go!


Coffee Prince

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This drama is in one word “cute”. Also with actress Yoon Eun-Hye (had to google it lol) and now paired with actor Gong-Yoo, both are super famous in South Korea.

The story is very unusual, the girl called Go Eun Chan looks like a boy, apparently she has been taken for a boy by everyone besides close friends and family. She is very simple and work hard to help her family consisted of her mother and her little sis. She then meets Choi Han Kyul( Gong Yoo) and they make a business deal at first, that she is hired as his assistant, then they get really close but he thinks she is a he lol, that is the funny part. She then gets hired at his new cafe and has to pretend throughout the entire time to be a man! She works with 4 other men and only the one gets it that she is a girl 😛

Besides the fun part, it’s actually a very romantic drama and a DRAMA, prepare yourself to cry rivers lol but that is IMO Yoon Eun-Hye specialty! THERE ISN’T ONE DRAMA OF HERS I WON’T GET MYSELF TISSUES LOL

Although is kind of an oldie (release year 2007) the drama is just super worth watching!

Lie to Me

This was the first ever drama I watched. It was so amazing and I got so hooked that I continued watching Kdramas ever since then. If I’m not mistaken that was in 2012. The actress is amazing and I will be mentioning other dramas she is also the lead actress and that are also super worth watching.

On this drama Lie to Me, the girl is a city house worker and she works with tourism and she somehow gets entangled with a rich big shot hotelier, she ends up making up a huge lie that he is her fiance and that’s how things get started. He takes benefit of the misunderstanding and they end up pretending to be a couple for each of their benefits, and there is a love triangle there with a younger boy who is the hotelier’s brother.

All the actors are very good and the story is very funny, emotional and worth watching! HAVE FUN!